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    I'm an account manager for Meier Business Systems (MBS) and have been working in MultiValue since late 1999. Most of that time has been with the D3 platform but I now enjoy working with U2 as well as D3. I have a strong interest in modernisation, web technology, web services and now Python. Away from work I love talking about cars - mainly old British sports cars. So drop me a line and let's chat about MultiValue, modernisation technologies and Austin Healeys!


Rocket® D3 10.3.1 for Windows | Now Available!

Well, the wait is over. Not Games of Thrones, as that has come and gone, but I haven’t seen the final season yet, so no spoilers please! No, the wait I’m talking about is the wait for the next release of D3 – release 10.3.1. At the recent Business Forum events held in Australia in […]

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Python: Extending the extension

Introduction In my last post, Extending MV Basic by Calling Python, I showed how we can extend the functionality of MV Basic by calling Python functions. That alone is a nice feature to have but in this post I want to go one step further and show how we can extend Python itself to achieve […]

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Extending MV Basic by Calling Python

Introduction One of the compelling things about using Python is the ability to extend the capability of the MultiValue platform. Perhaps you are thinking that means Python having access into the MultiValue environment to read / write data files, run commands and call Basic subroutines. Certainly that can be done but more than that, Python programs can be called […]

Python Package Management

The addition of Python to the MultiValue (MV) platform, is an exciting innovation from Rocket and promises to open up great opportunities for old and new MV applications. There’s a lot to like about Python but one of the nice things is its extensibility which it achieves via additional packages. These additional packages are available […]