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    A Senior Sales Engineer at Rocket, Safwat works with partners and customers throughout North America to implement and develop UniVerse/UniData, Java, .Net, Web application, Web Services and SOA. He has over 30 years of software design and development experience and three certifications from IBM in architecture and design of distributed applications. Safwat also helps with Eclipse and MS Visual Studio IDEs.


Monitoring and Logging using Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS)

The Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) provides a lot of features including monitoring and logging, both critical to supporting mission-critical, live applications. I’ve made a video demonstrating how to leverage the monitoring features to support an MV environment and to debug issues. This video demonstrates how different clients, including a .Net GUI form and a […]


Modernize your existing MV app with a native Android/iOS mobile solution leveraging Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) and Flutter framework

Our new Rocket MultiValue Integration Server is the vehicle to expose MultiValue data and logic as RESTful services and enable integration with modern web applications and services. Watch this short video demonstrating how to easily leverage MultiValue data using MVIS REST services and a native Android/iOS mobile solution written with the Flutter framework and the Dart programming […]

MV Thought Leadership

Legacy Powers Legendary (part 2)

part 2 of 2 Let’s take a closer look at the MultiValue applications by asking these questions: What are we doing for our application so that it can evolve from Legacy to Legendry? What are we doing to help our application to age gracefully and not become a burden on our business processes and IT? […]

MV Thought Leadership

Legacy Powers Legendary

Part 1 of 2 “Rocket Software is on a mission to empower our customers to transform from Legacy to Legendary” –Andy Youniss, Rocket Software CEO At a 2019 town hall, it was intriguing to hear the above bold quote from our CEO, just because the words “legacy” and “legendary” are rarely used in the same […]


Rocket MultiValue: External Data Access (EDA) Best Practices

We live in a fast-paced world where executives need real-time reports to make business decisions. Thus, users need information at their fingertips to deliver those reports. If your business-critical data lives in a UniData or UniVerse MultiValue database, External Data Access (EDA) can help. What is EDA? EDA allows users to convert UniData and UniVerse […]