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    Simon is originally from the UK but has lived in the US for over 20 years. Originally a mainframe developer he moved into MV technology in the late 1980’s. Currently, Simon is the Director of Technical Support for all Rocket branded products worldwide.

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Rocket Technical Support Team Gathers for Training and Education

The teachers’ comments on my school report cards were not always encouraging – they included phrases such as “the improvement in Simon’s handwriting has revealed his inability to spell” and the parent-alarming “I am sorry to tell you that Simon is trying his best”. Despite that, I have always regarded education highly and am with […]


MultiValue Myth #2: MV Looks Old

Have you heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? It is my immediate rejoinder to those who complain that “MV looks old”. The complainers mean, of course, the numerous ‘green screen’ character user interface (CUI) applications still out there with an MV back-end. So don’t be put off the modern power of […]

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MultiValue Myth #1: Old Technology? Really?

There is a story about an old gardener out in his vegetable patch, leaning on his spade and talking to a passer-by. “Oh yes,” says the gardener, “I’ve had this same spade 50 years.” “Really?” Says the passer-by. “You must have taken good care of it, it’s in great condition.” “Yep,” says the gardener, “Same […]