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    Managing Director of the MultiValue Development Labs at Rocket Software, brings over 30 years of MultiValue experience to the role. Vinnie started his career at SystemBuilder in the mid-1980s. Originally from the UK, Vinnie is a proud scouser (from Liverpool) with the accent to prove it. Vinnie now resides in Colorado with his wife, where he enjoys being the father of four and playing golf in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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Rocket MultiValue and User Experience Design

Back in the 80’s, when I started in software UX, this discipline was not well-developed. For example, what made sense to the developer was really confusing to the user (Q. Anyone wonder why the UNIX ‘vi’ command has many shortcuts that you can do with one hand? A. So the programmer could eat pizza at […]


Learn about SB/XA 6.5.4 and wIntegrate 6.4.3

If you use Rocket SB/XA and/or Rocket wIntegrate, and you’re not on the latest release, this post will get you up to date on what you’re missing out on and why you should upgrade. Rocket SB/XA 6.5.4 In October 2018, Rocket MultiValue R&D released SB/XA 6.5.4. This release boasts over 150 bugs fixes and over […]


Recoverable File System improves business continuity in upcoming release of UniVerse

For some time now, UniVerse customers have been asking for a high-availability Recoverable File System (RFS) option to complement Replication Disaster Recovery. Well, we’ve been paying attention. To help ensure that your business-critical applications survive unforeseen disasters, we’ve re-architected the RFS currently available in UniData for UniVerse. New and improved UniVerse architecture and new and […]


Minority Report meets Repo Man (aka The Internet of Things)

We’re rapidly heading to the point where we won’t just use the Internet to access resources on the World Wide Web to figure out what movie to watch next, where to go for dinner or how to solve other larger problems, but instead more and more of the resources in the world are instrumented and […]


The Value of High Availability Data Recovery in the MultiValue World

First published on the IT Prospectus Blog Site March 2017 It happens to the best of us: You’re working on a PowerPoint deck, doing data entry, or maybe writing the next Man Booker Prize-winning novel. Then the power goes out, and when you boot up again, the shutdown somehow fried your save file. Sometimes the […]