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Python Data Science and the Rocket MultiValue Database ( Part 1 of 3 )

I’ve frequently mentioned, in many of my Rocket MultiValue Python presentations, that one of the benefits of Python is the easy access it gives us to Data Science. There are several Python libraries used for data science. ( see: ) While I do not think I can teach you everything you need to know […]

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Understanding Rocket U2 XML Features

This article reviews the XML capabilities within Rocket U2 UniData® and UniVerse®. Learn the various functions within the databases to develop robust applications that can communicate with any system using XML. Explore the U2 XDOM and XMAP APIs and how to produce XML documents from the database query engines. Examples are included. Introduction In today’s […]

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Improve program performance by up to 300 times faster using the Rocket U2 Toolkit driver

If you are trying to improve performance on a client-server application accessing UniVerse or UniData data files, then this blog is written for you. Minor code changes are required, but these changes can dramatically improve program performance, making it 100 to 300 times faster. Historically, most client-server or web applications accessing a chunk of information […]

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