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Understanding Commonality is Key to Leveraging the Certificate Management Tool (CMT)

This post is a follow-on to the Sept. 6 post entitled SSL / TLS and the Certificate Management Tool (CMT). You can use the Certificate Management Tool (CMT) to prepare SSL certificate data in a fashion that either a UniData or UniVerse database and any of the U2 tools can consume.  When I say any […]


Rocket Technical Support Team Gathers for Training and Education

The teachers’ comments on my school report cards were not always encouraging – they included phrases such as “the improvement in Simon’s handwriting has revealed his inability to spell” and the parent-alarming “I am sorry to tell you that Simon is trying his best”. Despite that, I have always regarded education highly and am with […]


SSL / TLS and the Certificate Management Tool (CMT)

When the SSL protocol was standardized by the IETF, it was renamed to Transport Layer Security (TLS). Many use the TLS and SSL names interchangeably, but technically they are different since each describes a different version of the protocol. SSL/TLS certificates can of course be used with both SSL and TLS protocols. SSL certificate is […]

MV Thought Leadership

Recognizing the Value of MultiValue and its Senior Developers

This is part one of a series on how to bring the MultiValue platform, and the business-critical applications that were built on it, and depend on it, into the mainstream. The MultiValue community has a wealth of experienced developers responsible for a myriad of applications that have supported businesses for decades, and yet, many of […]


Recoverable File System improves business continuity in upcoming release of UniVerse

For some time now, UniVerse customers have been asking for a high-availability Recoverable File System (RFS) option to complement Replication Disaster Recovery. Well, we’ve been paying attention. To help ensure that your business-critical applications survive unforeseen disasters, we’ve re-architected the RFS currently available in UniData for UniVerse. New and improved UniVerse architecture and new and […]


D3 Hidden Gems: 5 Tips That Can Make Using D3 Easier

This blog was inspired by your comments and suggestions. It highlights D3 features that might not have caught your attention when they were released. Looking for a way to easily scroll through an AQL report? How about a more flexible way to display summary text? We’ll show you how to accomplish these tasks, plus a […]


Credential Manager and Token-based Authentication

Traditionally, U2 applications need to provide OS-based user credentials (namely, OS user account names and passwords) to establish a connection to U2 database servers, which then perform authentication based on the credential and set the identity of the U2 processes accordingly. With the proliferation of the Cloud, more and more users are moving their applications […]


Extending MV Basic by Calling Python

Introduction One of the compelling things about using Python is the ability to extend the capability of the MultiValue platform. Perhaps you are thinking that means Python having access into the MultiValue environment to read / write data files, run commands and call Basic subroutines. Certainly that can be done but more than that, Python programs can be called […]


Python Data Science and the Rocket MultiValue Database ( Part 2 of 3 )

In “Python Data Science and the Rocket MultiValue Database ( Part 1 of 3 )“ I provided an introduction to Numpy, and showed how to convert a Numpy array to a u2py.DynArray. In this section I will go a bit further and show: How to write the numpy data to a Rocket MultiValue file How […]


UniVerse External Database Access (EDA) with I-type field dictionary items against SQL Server

Overview External Database Access (EDA) enables you to convert data stored in Rocket UniVerse and Unidata databases to a first normal form (1NF) database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, then access that data using existing UniVerse BASIC programs, RetrieVe, or UniData/UniVerse SQL. For the UniVerse I-type fields, they can be mapped in many ways to […]


Introduction to SystemBuilder – Self Paced Online Class Available Now

  The first time I heard this statement, I didn’t believe it and laughed out loud. I’m an Information Developer, not a Software Developer. However, after completing the activities and exercises in the new Introduction to SystemBuilder online class, I learned that SystemBuilder automates much of the software development process for you, making it possible […]


Securing your SSL Configuration Files using Secuconf

When you set up SSL for UniVerse and UniData servers, or for ODBC or OLEDB clients, you need to let the UniData and UniVerse server or client know where to find the SSL properties that will be used during SSL session establishment. For servers, the configuration is determined by the .unisecurity file under the unishared […]