MultiValue and The Cloud: Flexibility for the Future

As seen in the Oct. 24 edition of DBTA’s 5-Minute Briefing MultiValue With the ever-changing business landscape, many companies that rely on MultiValue platforms are looking for ways to integrate existing systems with new technologies – and specifically, figuring out how to leverage the capabilities of the cloud. Organizations often find themselves torn between the […]

Full Circle – From Timeshare to Cloud on Rocket Software’s MultiValue Application Platform

As many of you know, my dad, Dick Pick, along with Don Nelson, were the creators of G.I.R.L.S. more than fifty years ago. G.I.R.L.S. was initially built for tracking spare parts for Cheyenne helicopters at the huge military contractor TRW Systems in the United States. This was the beginning of PICK/MultiValue as we know it […]

Rocket MultiValue Application Platform, a star performer

The Rocket MultiValue Application Platform continues to earn accolades from the industry and our customers, and it’s hard to resist the urge to brag about it. What an enviable accomplishment it is that MultiValue’s core technology still outperforms the competition, even as our engineers continue to innovate to help customers address their evolving business needs. […]