Kicking off the 2022 MultiValue Roadmap

We’re happy to announce the 2022 Rocket® MultiValue Roadmap Livestream series! Please join the Rocket MultiValue product management team as they host Livestreams of the MV product roadmaps for Rocket® UniVerse, Rocket® UniData®, Rocket® D3®, MultiValue tools, Cloud, and the products we acquired from Zumasys. The Rocket product managers will present on both near-future and distant-future […]


jEDI drivers make it easy to connect jBASE to external data sources 

No, we’re not talking about a force involving  Midi-chlorians,  but a core design of jBASE known as jEDI. The acronym expands to jBASE External Device Interface and interestingly all the native jBASE files that users use day in/day out are based on the jEDI architecture.  J3, J4, J5, JD – to name a few – […]


Voting for DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards is open now through Wednesday, May 11, 2022. DBTA will feature the award winners in a special section of the August edition of DBTA Magazine, and at www.DBTA.com. Rocket Software is proud to have Rocket Software MultiValue Suite (D3, UniVerse, UniData, jBASE and OpenQM) in the “Best MultiValue Database” category. […]

Rocket MultiValue & Zumasys product alignment | Webinar

Since acquiring products from Zumasys in October 2021, Rocket’s MultiValue product management team has been hard at work, building a plan for the acquisitions. Please join us on April 5th, (or April 6th if you’re in APAC,) for a Rocket MultiValue product alignment event where we’ll take questions. Because we want to allot as much time […]