Kicking off the 2022 MultiValue Roadmap

We’re happy to announce the 2022 Rocket® MultiValue Roadmap Livestream series! Please join the Rocket MultiValue product management team as they host Livestreams of the MV product roadmaps for Rocket® UniVerse, Rocket® UniData®, Rocket® D3®, MultiValue tools, Cloud, and the products we acquired from Zumasys. The Rocket product managers will present on both near-future and distant-future […]

MVIS and other ways to Access U2 Data

As a Sales Engineer, a question I often get from customers is, “Which API (application programming interface) should I use?” I usually will answer “It depends”. In this article I will discuss the APIs and the “depends”. Hope you’ll find it useful and informative. Of all the U2 APIs, I prefer MVIS because RESTful services […]

How one company literally transformed their business using MVIS

As the new MultiValue Evangelist it’s been exciting to see how more and more organizations are coming to the realization that MVIS can literally transform their business. Before I go into specifics about how a local/regional freight forwarding and logistics company from New Zealand transformed their business from a small start-up to become a global, […]

Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS): Container Orchestration Services with Kubernetes

We’re hosting a Rocket® Software MultiValue University (MVU) virtual event in July. The topic is container orchestration services with Kubernetes and how our new Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) can help. On July 7 and 8 (July 9 in APAC), Amey Rokde, Rocket Senior Software Engineer, will dedicate an hour to Kubernetes, an open-source platform […]

Using MVIS, a Rocket intern quickly creates an app: MVoovies

written by Andrew Gorovoy MultiValue, Basic subroutines, Pick Systems, uuh, for a summer intern, all these terms were incredibly foreign. As a computer science student, I have some vague understanding (hopefully) of what a database, server, front/back end are supposed to do, but you could imagine my uneasy feelings when I was tasked with building […]