Send email alerts using DMWRKALR to monitor your iCluster HA environment

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailRedditIn the last Tech Tuesday post: Using DMMONHA to monitor your iCluster HA Environment we showed how DMMONHA can be used to automatically monitor for suspended objects, or groups that have changed their status to *INACTIVE or *INDOUBT, or for specific messages in the eventlog. The next step in automation is to have EMAIL notifications […]

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Using DMMONHA to monitor your iCluster HA environment

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailRedditUsing the iCluster DMMONHA command is a great way to make sure your high availability environment is performing to your expectations. You can monitor the iCluster event log for latency, suspended objects that have been suspended for more than a user specified number of minutes, and even specify up to 20 individual messages to monitor. […]

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How to make the iCluster apply process fly

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailRedditHere are some assorted tips on how to make the apply process really fly: End journaling on the backup for busy files (or all files if you are never going to use the backup for a switchover but only for offloading backups). If your applications update records all over the file (i.e. random) vs. sequentially  […]

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