• June 29, 2022

Automating iCluster Start-up – Part 4

In previous posts we covered the DMSTRCST command for automating iCluster start-up. In this post we will introduce the partner command DMENDCST to end iCluster processes. DMENDCST (End iCluster Processes) ends iCluster processes including ending active groups using the current node, ending the current node and ending the product subsystem XDMCLUSTER. This command is typically […]

Automating iCluster Start-up – Part 3

As a follow up to our last post – let’s look at the parameters around the DMSTRCST command. Here is the command: The first parameter STRGRP indicates whether you want all groups except for refresh only groups (which are never started by this command) to be automatically started once the nodes are up and running. […]