• June 30, 2022
Digital Transformation

The Financial Service and Insurance Industries Need Intelligent Document Processing; Here’s Why

Analyst firm IDC recently published a Vendor Spotlight report featuring ASG Mobius Content Services (Mobius) and its applications in the financial service and insurance industries. Mobius is a modular, API-led platform that supports complete content lifecycle management in private, public or hybrid cloud as well as on-premises environments. Steve Charbonnier, research manager for IDC’s Enterprise […]

Digital Transformation

M&T Bank’s Modernization Journey Enabled by Strong Partners like Rocket

M&T Bank knew that to develop the capabilities and skills to meet evolving customer needs, they needed a platform for innovation. Many readers may see the term ‘platform’ and think infrastructure or operating system, but M&T CIO Michael Wisler knew the solution was not that simple. Having been part of a storied transformation at Capital […]

Keep calm – you have good bones

For some time now, we have increasingly heard about the need for disruption and disruptive technologies to drive a wave of innovation across industries and governments. That is often interpreted as management-speak for “replace all of that old ‘legacy’ stuff with some cool new stuff.” But the reality is that the old ‘legacy’ stuff continues […]

Digital Transformation

Are you ready for the “New Normal?”

COVID-19 has been a sobering reminder of how unprepared we all were, despite the warnings. This has flowed down to the boardroom where executives and leaders have had to deal with unprecedented economic conditions.  For them, traditional crisis response approaches will not be good enough to ensure sustainability, or in many cases, the organization’s survival. […]

Digital Transformation

Reducing Shadow IT Through Digital Transformation

All businesses today have a hybrid IT environment. They pay for collections of servers,  be they UNIX servers, Windows servers, cloud servers or mainframe servers. Other IT spending includes mobile,  desktop and end-user devices. In many cases, those budgets might be by server domain, so the mainframe budget is separate and independent of the rest […]

Modernization Status

Old Iron, New Tricks: Webinar Survey Results and Question Responses

We recently hosted a webinar entitled “Old Iron, New Tricks” featuring Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx. A recording of the session is available here if you want to view it again or share with colleagues. Before the webinar, we posed a series of questions and we want to share the results with you. Below is a […]