• August 15, 2022

Understanding HDS Replication with TrueCopy and Universal Replicator

When I started working with modern HDS storage systems such as the VSP and HUSVM, I became familiar with the remote replication abilities present on these systems. Similar to my last entry on NetApp’s SnapMirror and SnapVault replication abilities, HDS storage has a few choices for remote replication that go by different names. In particular, […]

CHKACTGRP – New tool to programmatically check for active group

Interactive iCluster users can use Option 2 Work with Groups or the Status Monitors to determine if a group is active. However, if you needed to determine this programmatically, traditionally a read of the DMGROUPS metadata file for the specified group to see if the status field was *STRREPL was used. The status field however […]

iCluster Starts Group with DMSETPOS *LASTAPY at IF6

Interim Fix pack 6 for iCluster TR1 introduced a number of fixes as covered in the last Tech Tuesday post. There is one important fix that is less visible to the customer and involves restarting groups after a group configuration has been changed. As you probably know, when you add new *INCL (Include) object specifiers […]

iCluster 7.1 Interim Fix 11 is GA

The most current release of Rocket iCluster is 7.1 TR1, but Rocket Software continues to support previous releases. If you are on Rocket iCluster 7.1, the most current fix pack Interim Fix 11 (IF11) has just been made available on the customer portal. The package can be found at https://support.rocketsoftware.com/rsp-portal/downloads/categoryDetail?category=Rocket+iCluster under RIC-27 Rocket iCluster 7.1 […]

iCluster 7.1 TR1 Interim Fix 5 Released

Rocket Software has released a new Interim Fix package for the current release of Rocket iCluster 7.1 TR1 called Interim Fix 5 (or IF5). Interim Fix packages are less intrusive then Technical Refreshes and can usually be applied in a few minutes by extracting the IBM i save file, transferring the file in Binary mode […]

Choosing the Right iCluster Release

Did you know that since Rocket Software acquired the iCluster business from IBM in January of 2012, that the iCluster product has gone through 2 major releases (Rocket iCluster 7.1 and Rocket iCluster 7.1 TR1) with a third major release scheduled for Q4 of this year?