• June 25, 2022
That’s MY kind of Pi(e)

If Pi is wrong, we don’t wanna be right

Who doesn’t love Pi? We love Pi. We hear they are squared. And we love to celebrate Pi day with a healthy slice of pie. In our Denver offices there is an avid debate about the right kind of pie (flavor, source) should be acquired to celebrate Pi Day.

IBM Pulse Rocketcaster Guitar Winner

Pulse Rocked!

It’s probably an understatement that Rocket had a blast at IBM Pulse 2014. We have fun putting our software solutions on a public stage… but we have even more fun ROCKING OUT on ANY stage!

Dan McGrath of Rocket U2

Leveraging data in critical MultiValue systems

Dan McGrath shares how Rocket helps enterprises transform data into information in Database Trends and Applications magazine.

NetCure Pulse Heat Map

The Heat is On with Rocket NetCure

How does Rocket Software know it’s snack time for thousands of people inside IBM’s Pulse 2014 EXPO Center?

Predictive and Proactive IT and Data Protection Management [VIDEO]

IBM Service Management’s Ian Smith interviews Rocket’s Don Becker and blogs about how Rocket is helping clients to proactively manage increasingly complex and heterogeneous IT and data protection infrastructures.

Rocket AS results in Excel

Harness the power of Rocket AS with Excel

Rocket AS provides a myriad of processing capabilities for data access, analysis, and presentation styles, as all users know. However, the widespread use of Excel as a business intelligence and/or analytics tool throughout any enterprise is simply a fact of life.