• August 15, 2020
Leap Second

Are you ready for the “Leap Second?”

Did you know that a “leap second” will be added to our clocks at midnight on June 30th 2015? What is that all about? The rotation of the earth around its axis is slowing as time goes by, thus the length of the day is increasing. This is due to mostly to the gravitational effects […]

Workaround for creating an output file for files with triggers/constraints reports

In our last post we covered the File with Triggers Report, which is option 7 from the Reports Menu. For those folks who don’t read comments or perhaps skipped this blog post, it was discovered that the command actually fails to create an output database file if it does not already exist! Ooops! There is […]

The iCluster files with triggers report

In our last post we covered the Replication Coverage Report, which is option 5 from the Reports Menu. In this post we will skip over Option 6 which is just the DMDSPLOG command (Event log report) and concentrate on the Files with Triggers Report Option 7. Use the DMRPTTRG command to access this report as […]

The iCluster replication coverage report

In our last post we covered the Group Status Report, which is option 3 from the Reports Menu. In this post we skip over option 4 the sync check report, as this is just the regular DMSCRPT (Generate Sync Check Report) command which generates a report based on what is in the sync check metadata […]

The iCluster group status report

The next new report in iCluster 7.1 TR2 is the Group Status Report, option 3 from the Reports Menu. Note that if you were wondering “hey what happened to option 2 – did I miss that post?” , you did not. Option 2 from the menu is the System Information Report, which is the existing […]

The iCluster configuration report

In the last Tech Tuesday post we covered the new Reports Menu in TR2. In this post we will cover the first new report – the Configuration Report. To get to the Configuration Report use either Option 9 from the iCluster Main Menu or use the command GO DMREPORTS. You should see the screen below. […]

The new iCluster Reports Menu

iCluster has had sync check reports from day 1, and of course we provide all of our metadata to customers and partners so that customized reports can be created using this data. Until iCluster 7.1 TR2 however, reports were never consolidated. At iCluster 7.1 TR2, there is now a new reports menu that is accessed […]

Automating iCluster Start-up – Part 4

In previous posts we covered the DMSTRCST command for automating iCluster start-up. In this post we will introduce the partner command DMENDCST to end iCluster processes. DMENDCST (End iCluster Processes) ends iCluster processes including ending active groups using the current node, ending the current node and ending the product subsystem XDMCLUSTER. This command is typically […]

Automating iCluster Start-up – Part 3

As a follow up to our last post – let’s look at the parameters around the DMSTRCST command. Here is the command: The first parameter STRGRP indicates whether you want all groups except for refresh only groups (which are never started by this command) to be automatically started once the nodes are up and running. […]

Automating iCluster Start-up – Part 2

In our last post we discussed automatic start-up of iCluster and introduced two new commands at iCluster 7.1 TR2 to help with the automation. In this post we will cover the first of those commands DMSTRCST. DMSTRCST (Start iCluster Processes) starts iCluster processes including starting the XDMCLUSTER subsystem if not already up, starting nodes and […]