• August 15, 2020

iCuster DMSETMSTR: Set the master node explicitly

The master node in iCluster is a special concept – it is the first node created in iCluster when it is first configured and contains the master copy of the metadata. Remember it has NO bearing whatsoever on replication direction.

iCluster DMACTOBJ: Activating one member at a time

Did you know that you can now activate single member at a time? In previous releases the DMACTOBJ command would only refresh the entire file.

Using iCluster *CHECKSUM to check file contents

The iCluster synchronization check routines (sync check) are very useful for ensuring that files on the primary node are identical to the backup node.

Where is my iCluster sync check report?

Experienced iCluster users know how to find or create the sync check report, but newer users may wonder where it is.

How to make the iCluster apply process fly

Here are some assorted tips on how to make the apply process really fly: End journaling on the backup for busy files (or all files if you are never going to use the backup for a switchover but only for offloading backups). If your applications update records all over the file (i.e. random) vs. sequentially  […]

TANSTAFFL for iCluster Continuous Sync Check

The iCluster continuous sync check is great! It provides quick notification in the monitor when something is out of sync. No need to run nightly sync check reports, just look at the monitor.

Changing iCluster Node IP Addresses

Once iCluster nodes are configured using a specific IP address, they will continue to use this IP address, however what if your network changes? How do you change the IP address used by iCluster?

Option 13 to the Rescue! Fix iCluster Out of Sync Conditions Quickly

Did you know that option 13 Activate OOS on the WRKHATMON (Work with target monitor) command will automatically refresh all iCluster Out of Sync (OOS) objects for a group in one fell swoop? No need to issue option 8 and option 1 for each of individual entry.

Reduce key strokes to get into iCluster

Is it a pain to issue CHGCURLIB ICLUSTER and then GO DMCLUSTER to get into iCluster?

Tracking iCluster Communications Messages

If you are having communications issues, you can see some of the internal comms messages that are generated by iCluster behind the scenes to assist in problem resolution.