• June 26, 2022

Each iCluster group should have its own default database journal

In the last Tech Tuesday post we discussed the question “How do I decide between more journals and fewer journals for my iCluster configuration?” Generally it is felt that KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) is the overriding principle, i.e. the fewer the number of journals the simpler the configuration.

In iCluster, before considering adding another journal…

As a follow-up for one last time… to more journals vs. fewer journals, if you do decide that you want another journal to help with latency, stop before you add it and consider the following.

How do I decide between more journals and fewer?

One decision that many shops face when implementing a logical replication solution is how to figure out how many journals they should be using. Many times this decision is already made for them as the application itself has defined the journaling structure. If however you get to decide, here are some pros and cons of […]