• July 5, 2022

Legendary Help: Ensuring positive customer experiences amid a global pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality has been one of the hardest hit industries in terms of lost jobs and revenue. With borders closing and stay-at-home orders in place, airlines were forced to suspend or reduce services and hotels experienced the highest number of job losses in the U.S. Overnight, the industry came to a standstill, […]

LegaSuite GUI

Top five myths of screen-scraping: you can’t do SOA

Over the past few weeks we’ve been discussing the challenges facing companies that rely on older green-screen applications to manage their critical infrastructure, and four of the myths that surround “screen-scraping” applications. Today we’ll cover the fifth (and final) myth on our list. Myth #5: you can’t do SOA with screen-scraping Thus far our series […]

Meet Rachel!

Monday, at the IBM Pulse EXPO Center, the crowds were rocking! Thronging Rocket Software and the IBM booths to learn about the new IBM Cloud Platform that was announced at Pulse 2014. Grabbing a cup of coffee while catching up on the new products with friends.