• June 25, 2022

The small cloud: How cloud impacts SMEs

As I’ve been looking at the cloud economy, an issue has been in the back of my mind–how is the cloud affecting small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs)? While most discussions on cloud-based business focus on the big guys (think Salesforce) there is actually an interesting story to tell looking at smaller businesses. After all, SMEs account for […]

Importance of Data

IBM InterConnect keynote: Unlock the transformational value of your mobile apps

I just attended the Mobile Enterprise keynote called ‘Unlock the Transformational Value of Your Mobile Apps’. The session started with some interesting statistics on mobile in general: Mobile data usage will grow from 2.5 exabytes per month in 2014 to 25 exabytes per month in 2019 85% of companies have an mobile application backlog of […]

Daddy, it doesn’t work! The challenges of computing everywhere.

I recently heard the exclamation in the headline echoing through my living room. I turned around and saw my two-year-old daughter standing in front of the television, watching a cartoon. “Err, what does not work?” I asked her, and she demonstrated what was not working for her: pinch-to-zoom as a way to return to a […]