• June 30, 2022

iCluster and Mobility Part 2 Getting Started

It’s 1:54am on a Tuesday morning, and dreams of your next summer vacation are swimming through your subconscious mind. Suddenly the phone rings. You kick the cat or dog off the bed, check the number on the call display and note it’s your office. Sighing, you groggily grab the receiver, glance at the clock and […]

iCluster and Mobility Part 1

How important is mobility in our everyday lives? It turns out mobility is very important. Did you know that according to data from digital analysts at GSMA Intelligence there are now more active mobile devices in the world (7.22 billion) than people (7.1 billion)? Of course cell phones make up a vast proportion of these […]

Is mobile computing scarier than Y2K?

Those of us older than 35 can vividly remember the Y2K scare perpetrated on the computing public by a variety of fear mongers two decades ago. Leading the doom and gloom scenario were the vendors most likely to profit from fixing the supposed problems. The widely held view was that most computer software and hardware […]