• November 20, 2019

TechDays for Rocket D3 / mvBase in the UK

Last month I traveled to Warwick, UK to present at one of our Rocket MV TechDay for D3/mvBase events. If you’re not familiar with them, TechDays are one-day technical events for developers, architects, and IT staff who use Rocket D3 and mvBase products. We cover a variety of tech topics such as modernization challenges, user […]


Rocket UniData 8.1 gets more SaaS-y: account-based licensing

One of the cool new features released in Rocket UniData 8.1 is the ability to define virtual groups of accounts and allocate a maximum number of licenses that can used by that virtual group across one or more accounts. Why Might You Care? Go talk to your DevOps people who need to guarantee that they […]


Execute Rocket MV U2 Subroutine Asynchronously using C# (async\await) and U2 Toolkit for .NET

Overview “Asynchronous programming involves executing operations in the background so the main thread can continue its own operations. This way the main thread can keep the user interface responsive while the background thread is processing the task at hand. .NET framework 4.5 introduced the [C# (async/await)] and [VB.NET (Async\Await)] keywords to simplify asynchronous programming (Joshi, […]

Top 7 reasons why you should upgrade to Rocket UniData 8.1

Last week, we announced the release of Rocket UniData 8.1, one of our core MultiValue databases. UniData’s innovative features help organizations in hundreds of industries improve their ability to manage massive amounts of data by delivering fast response times and decreasing or eliminating database management tasks that waste time and money. Jay LaBonte, President of […]


Winter weather season is here: is your High Availability / Disaster Recovery (HADR) solution ready?

If you’re not running U2 Replication or RFS, be aware that your systems are not adequately prepared. Last winter, in Pennsylvania, one of our customers knew an intense ice storm was headed directly for them. They attempted to patiently wait it out, hoping the ice would not take down the power lines. But, unfortunately, it […]

Vermont Teddy Bear case study MultiValue

Vermont Teddy Bear relies on Rocket U2 to improve service and increase revenue

We’re right in the thick of the holiday season, and I’ll bet that at least one of you is planning to give a Vermont Teddy Bear as a gift this year. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is the largest handcrafter of Teddy Bears in North America. Each BearGram® gift includes a customized Vermont Teddy Bear […]

Access NoSQL data using SQL Syntax: U2 Toolkit for .NET v2.1.0 BETA

We are running BETA Program for U2 Toolkit for .NET v2.1.0. U2 Toolkit for .NET v2.1.0 is enhanced to support Native Access. It contains multi-value ADO.NET Provider and multi-value Visual Studio Add-ins (VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013).

Dan McGrath of Rocket U2 MultiValue

Leveraging data in critical MultiValue systems

Dan McGrath shares how Rocket helps enterprises transform data into information in Database Trends and Applications magazine.


Rocket and Our NoSQL (MultiValue) Database Servers

Hey, have you noticed that Rocket just acquired the MultiValue databases and related products from TigerLogic?  I want to assure you that the employees and the products have found the best possible home.