• June 25, 2022
AS 40 Years Cake

Rocket at 25: Helping customers solve business problems for 40 years with Rocket AS

As we celebrate Rocket’s 25th anniversary we’ve been looking at some of the great innovations that the company has made since 1990. This week, however, we’re going all the way back to 1975, when men wore bellbottoms with no apparent sense of irony. That’s because this week the Rocket AS (Analytics Server) product celebrates its […]

Rocket Ascent Platform

Ascent Server now available on non z/OS systems

Despite the tremendous usage of AS on System z and the value it adds to an enterprise, there have been a number of requests to deliver AS on non-System z platforms. This offering is available from Rocket and is currently named the Ascent Server and Ascent Client.

Rocket AS results in Excel

Harness the power of Rocket AS with Excel

Rocket AS provides a myriad of processing capabilities for data access, analysis, and presentation styles, as all users know. However, the widespread use of Excel as a business intelligence and/or analytics tool throughout any enterprise is simply a fact of life.