• June 27, 2022

Legendary Help: Feeding communities in need

Access to food is one of the most important things for any community. Unfortunately, food deserts exist across the U.S., where low-income neighborhoods do not have access to a supermarket. Although these areas have existed for years, they’ve recently seen increased attention. Researchers have discovered links between lack of access to healthy food options and […]

Is your hardware-only HADR solution coming back to haunt you?

Many of us have had trick-or-treaters come to our door selling a hardware-only HADR solution for our Rocket U2 systems. And as scary as it seems, some of us even bought that hardware-only solution thinking it was going to work. I want to share a story with you of someone who was haunted by this […]

How to create ASP.NET Web API using multivalue .NET Provider

ASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. ASP.NET Web API is an ideal platform for building RESTful applications on the .NET Framework.

Dan McGrath of Rocket U2

Leveraging data in critical MultiValue systems

Dan McGrath shares how Rocket helps enterprises transform data into information in Database Trends and Applications magazine.

HOW TO: Create WCF OData Service with U2 Toolkit for .NET

This quick start helps Rocket U2 Customers become familiar with WCF Data Services and the Open Data Protocol (OData) .