• March 24, 2019

Proactively monitor your ENTIRE backup environment with Rocket Servergraph Professional

We’re excited to announce v7.9 of Rocket Servergraph Professional, which is available now for download from the Rocket Customer Portal. Rocket Servergraph Professional reduces the cost and complexity of monitoring and reporting on your entire backup environment across heterogeneous platforms and applications. Servergraph ensures you get optimal performance and results from your data protection investment. […]

Servergraph Backup Hogs

Stop your backup environment from turning into a barnyard

We hear it from IT and Infrastructure Directors around the world—backup environments are getting harder to manage. And while most of you aren’t managing the backup processes directly, you’re being forced to do more with less. That often means that departing staff aren’t replaced quickly (or at all). It means your IT budget is shrinking […]

Tired Backup Admin

Four tips for dealing with challenging backup environments

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Backup Administrators (along with Network and Systems Admins) are the unsung heroes of the IT world. Whether it’s finding new ways to get more out of existing hardware, making sure critical business data stays secure and up-to-date, or keeping the auditors happy, they help keep everything humming […]

Servergraph 7.4 - TSM Admin Console

Rocket Servergraph Professional 7.4 is now available

Rocket Servergraph Professional 7.4 offers more backup application support and new reporting capabilities. Servergraph 7.4 includes the following enhancements.

In Case of Disaster: How Rocket Servergraph Protects the Data at Einstein Healthcare Network

Everyone knows backing up and protecting data is essential. And it is especially critical at hospitals and healthcare organizations that can’t afford to lose patient and billing records during a disaster like Hurricane Sandy.

At Pulse: How Rocket Helps TD Bank Protect Data

On Monday at Pulse: Learn how Rocket Servergraph helps TD Bank protect its customer data!

Predictive and Proactive IT and Data Protection Management [VIDEO]

IBM Service Management’s Ian Smith interviews Rocket’s Don Becker and blogs about how Rocket is helping clients to proactively manage increasingly complex and heterogeneous IT and data protection infrastructures.