• June 27, 2022

Rocket MultiValue University 2015: the first MultiValue event to include Both U2 and D3

Since I know most of you who use the family of Rocket D3 products, I’d like to say hello and to extend my personal invitation, to you, to attend Rocket MultiValue University (MVU). We’re only about six weeks away from kicking off MVU, October 5-8 at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. As a member of the […]

Execute Rocket MV U2 Subroutine Asynchronously using C# (async\await) and U2 Toolkit for .NET

Overview “Asynchronous programming involves executing operations in the background so the main thread can continue its own operations. This way the main thread can keep the user interface responsive while the background thread is processing the task at hand. .NET framework 4.5 introduced the [C# (async/await)] and [VB.NET (Async\Await)] keywords to simplify asynchronous programming (Joshi, […]

High Availability: do you have peace of mind?

I understand the pressure to never be down. Never lose data. Never miss an order. Never miss your company’s revenue goals. It’s brutal and I will never ever forget it. When I was running a data center, I remember sitting at a football game with my son on a weekend and getting THE CALL. I […]

Access NoSQL data using SQL Syntax: U2 Toolkit for .NET v2.1.0 BETA

We are running BETA Program for U2 Toolkit for .NET v2.1.0. U2 Toolkit for .NET v2.1.0 is enhanced to support Native Access. It contains multi-value ADO.NET Provider and multi-value Visual Studio Add-ins (VS2010, VS2012 and VS2013).

U2 WCF OData service (RESTful service) for Windows Phone 8 applications

In this topic we will describe how to consume WCF oData Service in a Windows Phone 8 App.